Five Types of Poultry Grit for Your Chickens

Poultry grit is used to help chickens grind their food down in their stomachs. As chickens do not have teeth, this is important to help them break the food down. There are several types of grit that you might want to consider. Small stones  The cheapest option is just to use any small stones that you find in your yard or the surrounding area. Ideally, you would use stones that are smaller in size than a pea.

Food Production: Managing Risks through Effective Allergen Testing

If you are involved in food production, consider the importance of allergen testing. In general, food allergens are proteins that trigger an immune response from the body. These food substances are usually harmless to most of the human population. However, if some individuals consume the offending proteins, the body produces antibodies to fight the invasion. An affected person might experience symptoms like hives, swelling of lips and digestive discomfort. In severe cases, a person will go into anaphylactic shock.

Crucial Components of a Drip Irrigation System

The United Nations has already declared water a scarce resource, which should worry farmers. Since plants need adequate water to grow healthy, farmers — both small scale and commercial — are increasingly using irrigation systems. The applications ensure that plants receive a steady supply of water regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. Drip irrigation is a popular watering system among farmers due to its affordability and ease of assembly. Although different designs of drip irrigation systems are available in the market, all the models share specific components.

Main Types of Tractors for Sale You Can Purchase For Your Farm

Perhaps you have recently acquired a lot and are deliberating on engaging in farming practices. Alternatively, maybe you have had a farm for a while but want to upgrade your equipment. Whatever the reason, one of the primary types of equipment that any sized farm will need is a tractor. In this modern age whereby people are accustomed to completing several tasks with one piece of machinery, you will be doing yourself a disservice if you do not purchase the latest tech for your farm.

Tips to Help Extend the Life of Your Farm Tractor

Tractors are high-performing tools that represent a huge capital venture for farmers. When you buy a farm tractor, you will expect a good return on your investment in terms of it lasting for a reasonable amount of time. Here are a couple of useful tips to help keep your farm tractor running reliably for as long as it possibly can. Storage When you are shopping around for a brand new farm tractor, you may notice that various models of the machinery on display are housed to protect them from inclement weather elements such as snow, ice and direct exposure to sunlight.

Features and Benefits of Submersible Bore Pumps

Do you have plans to purchase a water pump for your home? If so, you should consider the benefits offered by submersible bore pumps. This option provides fresh water, and most of the internal components are made of stainless steel, which prevents rust from forming. Modern bore pumps utilize solar panels in place of electricity and sunny weather is a must to operate these pumps without issue. Read this article to learn more about using a bore pump in your home.

When a Homeowner Should Get Well Water Tested

There may be times when it’s obvious that you need to have your well water tested for contaminants and harmful agents; when it tastes terrible, when there is a rancid odor coming from the tap, or when it’s off-color, then of course testing and treatment are in order. However, if you have a well on your property, you want to consider some other times when it’s good to have the water tested before using it, and especially before drinking it.