Main Types of Tractors for Sale You Can Purchase For Your Farm

Perhaps you have recently acquired a lot and are deliberating on engaging in farming practices. Alternatively, maybe you have had a farm for a while but want to upgrade your equipment. Whatever the reason, one of the primary types of equipment that any sized farm will need is a tractor. In this modern age whereby people are accustomed to completing several tasks with one piece of machinery, you will be doing yourself a disservice if you do not purchase the latest tech for your farm. If you are considering tractors for sale, here are some main types that you can purchase for your farming needs.

A compact utility tractor 

If your farm is small, you probably will not have space for a large tractor. Fortunately, a compact utility tractor can meet your agricultural needs just as well as its larger counterparts can. These tractors can be employed for an array of functions ranging from ploughing, pulling and so on. The compact utility tractors can be employed with various attachments, and this greatly enhances its performance. Furthermore, the powerful engine that the compact utility tractor is outfitted with means you will be capable of engaging in your farm activities all year round despite the prevailing weather conditions! Thus, whether you are starting out as a hobby farmer or want to sell your farm products for profit, a utility tractor is a great choice for your first farm equipment.

An orchard tractor

As the name implies, this type of tractor will be best suited to farmers that are intending to grow an orchard. The tractor is compact but is characterised by its increased height when compared to its other tractor counterparts. The compact nature of the orchard tractors makes it easy to manoeuvre in between the trees as you embark on fruit plucking.

A row crop tractor

While the name might suggest that this tractor is only functional for planting and harvesting crops in a row, the row crop tractor is much more multifunctional than that. This tractor is one of the highly multi-purpose options that you can purchase since it is capable of conducting a broad range of agricultural work. Whether you want to engage in harrowing, ploughing, levelling or even weed control, you can be assured that this piece of machinery will fit the bill! A row crop tractor is also great for first-time farmers due to its easy steering and manoeuvrability. Additionally, if you have not started farming yet, a row crop tractor can help with land clearance prior to tilling the land!