Tips to Help Extend the Life of Your Farm Tractor

Tractors are high-performing tools that represent a huge capital venture for farmers. When you buy a farm tractor, you will expect a good return on your investment in terms of it lasting for a reasonable amount of time. Here are a couple of useful tips to help keep your farm tractor running reliably for as long as it possibly can.


When you are shopping around for a brand new farm tractor, you may notice that various models of the machinery on display are housed to protect them from inclement weather elements such as snow, ice and direct exposure to sunlight. It is, therefore, important that you think about how best to store the tractor once you have acquired it.

If you have a large enough garage that can accommodate the new machinery, then you will be good to go ahead with the purchase. Otherwise, you might have to build a new shed before the tractor can be delivered to you. Indoor storage will save you time and money spent doing repairs. Some of the machinery parts that are likely to get damaged when the tractor is left unhoused include tyres, bearings, belts, and hoses.


When you buy new farm machinery, the manufacturer usually provides a maintenance guide or manual stipulating when you should change engine oil, replace tyres, change air filters, and so on. Unfortunately, many farmers only consult the manual when something is wrong with their machinery. By this time, extensive deterioration of parts may have occurred, and this has the effect of reducing the lifespan of the machinery.

Make preventative maintenance the keystone of your strategy to get the most service out of your machinery. A regular inspection of the various tractor parts and systems will ensure that minor defects are rectified quickly. This way, machinery downtime will be minimized.


Different types of farm tractors have different horsepower, meaning that they have different work capacities. If you purchased a small tractor and notice over time that you have to pull heavier loads or cultivate more acres of land, do not modify the machine's engine to get more horsepower. This is because every farm tractor has standard components and design specifications that should not be altered.

Thus, running a tractor with a modified engine is almost a sure way to reduce its lifespan. If you need more engine power, you can sell your small tractor, top up the cash you get from the deal, and purchase a bigger machinery.

If you're looking to get a new tractor, be sure to commit to the time and effort of maintaining the expensive machinery before looking into Massey Ferguson tractors for sale or other options.