When a Homeowner Should Get Well Water Tested

There may be times when it's obvious that you need to have your well water tested for contaminants and harmful agents; when it tastes terrible, when there is a rancid odor coming from the tap, or when it's off-color, then of course testing and treatment are in order. However, if you have a well on your property, you want to consider some other times when it's good to have the water tested before using it, and especially before drinking it. Note the following suggestions.

1. When you've had a history of stomach ailments

If you or anyone in the family has a history of stomach problems or any type of intestinal distress, and it cannot be easily explained through food poisoning or a stomach flu that is going around the office, it's good to get your water tested. Bacteria and other microbes in the water can interfere with your stomach and digestive system; vomiting and diarrhea may be the body's way of trying to rid itself of these harmful agents. 

2. If you have an infant in the home

While a fully developed, adult digestive system may be somewhat able to fight off bacteria and other microbes that may be present in well water, an infant's system may not. Their developing immune systems may not be strong enough to digest or expel harmful agents in well water, which is why it's good to have the water tested when you bring an infant home. You may need to install a stronger purifier or filtration system to protect their overall health.

3. When a septic system has malfunctioned or needed repairs

If your septic system or any such system in the neighborhood has overflowed, leaked, or otherwise needed repairs, note that this can cause cross-contamination in your well. The harmful agents from the septic tank may have leaked into the groundwater and, in turn, made their way into your well. Even if you can't taste or smell anything "funny" in the well water, always have it checked after septic tank repair work.

4. When you've installed new treatment or filtration systems

It's good to test your well water after you've installed any new system to treat and clean it, so you can monitor the effectiveness of the filters or softeners. You may find that it's simply not strong enough to clean the water in your well or may find that the filters don't last as long as advertised. Until you're sure of the quality and function of your new system, have your well water checked.

For more information, contact a local water testing company like Agrifood Technology